Vivace™ RF Microneedling


We turbo charge the results of microneedling by amping up the treatment with radiofrequency.  Known as “microneedling on steroids” or hot needling,  Vivace™ is the newest microneedling technology to hit the market, rapidly replacing all other non-laser skin resurfacing modalities.  The Vivace™ is FDA-cleared for your safety and is a non-surgical treatment for contouring and tightening the face, neck, hands, and body while it stimulates the natural production of collagen.  Treat crepey skin, fine lines, sagging, stretch marks, acne scarring and textural issues after just one session.  We can pair it with our stem cell medium to surpass results previously only seen with aggressive resurfacing or even PRP.  You keep your blood, we’ve got our own cocktail to bring to the party!  Don’t mind the heat, because like Marilyn Monroe, we like it hot!