“I cannot believe how fabulous I look! I had a few areas of Botox and 2 syringes of filler and I look like I went on a month long vacation and had the best sleep of my life. Katie is truly and artist!”

– Tania E.

“I wanna thank your for doing all the amazing work to my face. It really makes me feel fresh and youthful!!! XO”

Melissa E.

“Katie, my face looks amazing! You are an absolute genius at what you do, thank you, thank you, thank you”

Erin B.

“OMG! I love my lips. Thank You!
You are the best :)!!!!!!”

Jennifer F.

“My lips look AH-MAZING!! Wow girlfriend, you are an artist and know your stuff!! Thank you so much!”

Cam P.

“This stuff is killer. No swelling. No Pain.
Seems like it shouldn’t be this easy”

Andrea M.

“I am so happy with my results I cannot stand it!  It’s amazing.  Good thing I visit AZ annually- what would I do without you?!”

Toni S.

“I am a former Special Operations Veteran, who is now doing film and television work. I found the need to soften the deep furrows on my face that made me look much older on camera. I was hesitant to have anything done, fearing it would be “obvious”. Well, after finding Katie, and allowing her to use her expertise and conscience effort to maintain a masculine look, I am sold. I now look as young as I feel, and nobody would ever guess that I have regular Botox and filler. Katie “gets it” and understands that men need a different approach.”
– Anonymous Veteran – 50 years of age


“OMG! My client Paula saw you Monday, she looks fabulous! You did a great job on her!”
– Melissa E.

“I have been getting Botox and filler injections for years from various places but by far the best results came from my treatment with Katie. She is very professional, takes her time to consult with you and listen to your concerns, and provides the most natural looking results I have ever had! My friends and family say I look incredible but yet no one can put their finger on what I had done! Perfect! I am a life long fan!”
– Kathy V.

“I have been getting Botox and fillers for years now. I know the importance of finding someone who is highly skilled, gentle, and trained in the latest techniques. What is most important to me is that I look natural. Nothing is worse than having the telltale signs of being “overly enhanced”. I have never had anything but compliments after a visit with Katie. I look rested, and refreshed. Never plastic! I have been going to Katie for years, and have had Botox, fillers and laser. Katie O’Brien is whom I trust to deliver consistent results.”
– Tressa Sawyer – 45 years young