Get’n Handsy™ Treatment

While much of anti-aging interventions focus on rejuvenation of the face, the hands get neglected.  If the back of your hands look like the Crypt Keepers’ then it’s time to share the love and pay them a little attention.  Using a longer lasting dermal filler, Skinjectable’s Expert Injectionistas can diminish the skeletal hollowing and appearance of tendons, replace lost fat and skin laxity and soften the overall topography of your hands so they match your beautifully rejuvenated face!  Each treatment generally consists of 2ml of longer lasting dermal filler, however, depending on the severity of your hand aging,  total rejuvenation can require a few sessions.  

Get’n Handsy™ Treatment- price varies per session depending on the level of correction necessary- (typically $1000-$1500)