On The Nose™ Liquid Rhinoplasty

Much like a good wine, the face should be well balanced.  A nose that is out of proportion, too prominent with a hump or excessively crooked can be distracting from the harmony that exists between the rest of your features on your face.  Our Expert Injectionistas numb the nose with topical lidocaine, utilize longer lasting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that contain numbing medicine, and handle this delicate area gently.   It is simply amazing how a slight refinement of the nose can add to a more youthful and defined face.  Just a few millimeters in the exact right places can transform a face by straightening the nasal bridge, creating a more delicate nasal tip, reducing a prominent dorsal hump or upturning a downturned nasal tip.   This procedure takes a few minutes and lasts for months to years….but fair warning, after this treatment you’re friends will accuse you of having your nose in the air;)

On The  Nose™ Liquid Rhinoplasty Treatment- $800 per session