Skinjectables® Is Your Juvederm Ultra XC® and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® Destination

If you’re looking for softening of folds, creases and shadows- these two beauties are the fillers for you! Juvederm Ultra® is perfect for adding a little pop to the lips, lightly filling in areas of volume loss and for fine tuning most areas of concern. Juvederm Ultra Plus® is better for adding a bigger pop to the lips and for filling in areas of greater volume loss while still remaining soft and natural.

Both are clear gel fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the human body. These little molecules act like little sponges in your skin, absorbing water to plump up wrinkles and folds to give a smoother appearance.

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How long will it last?

Your new restoration will naturally be broken down and metabolized by your body, and the length it lasts depends on just how quickly your body metabolizes the product. On average, Juvederm Ultra XC® usually lasts 6-9 months (4-6 months in lips) Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® lasts 9-12 months (6-9 months in lips). Both may need a “booster” treatment after several months of settling. Luckily, it’s a gradual settling and not a case of “at the stroke of midnight….poof” the spell wears off kind of thing! Retreatment is necessary to maintain the results although new collagen is stimulated during the process- yay! We try hard to set proper expectations and deliver the fantastic results you are looking for- keep in mind that several “phases” of treatment may be recommended to maximize your outcomes!

Any do’s and don’ts before or after?

Just a few! To minimize your chances of bruising, we recommend avoiding ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen sodium, vitamin E, fish oils, alcohol and blood-thinning medications for 3 days before your injections. We recommend starting a course of Arnica Montana and/or Bromelain (homeopathic remedies for bruising and swelling). Try to avoid touching the injection site or manipulating the area as much as possible during the first few days following treatment, no Clarisonics please for 1 week! No facials or massages for 1 week post procedure, and if lips are treated- we ask that you avoid drinking out of a straw or heavy smooching for 1-2 weeks. After 1-2 weeks you will no longer be able to feel the filler within the skin as it incorporates and smooths out to give beautifully natural results.

Does it hurt?

Worried about the pain? Stop fretting! Our Bartenders use the tiniest needles possible! Plus, both fillers are pre-formulated with Lidocaine for added comfort! First, we’ll put you on our couch for a bit with a smear of topical numbing cream on until you relax and if you’re still nervous, we can offer you an ice pack so YOU can chill out too! Once we get you in the chair, we’ll work our magic and within 45 minutes or less…you’ll emerge refreshed and renewed- like Father Time forgot all about you!

How much will I need and how is it priced?

Our fillers are generally priced per syringe, we will never recommend more than you need. We are happy to work with your budget as long as we are all on the same page! Most clients wanting to achieve full correction will need multiple syringes, keep in mind that 1 syringe is equal to 1/5 of a teaspoon! The more volume loss you have, the more we will need to replace in order to get a natural outcome!

What are possible side effects?

Most side effects are mild and last 7 days or less. If they occur at all, the most common side effects include are injection side redness, tenderness,; swelling, and bruising which can be alleviated with ice, TLC, and great camouflage make-up! Our Bartenders will review the consent with you before treatment and discuss possible outcomes and side effects.



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