Feelin’ Cheeky™ Face Contouring Treatment

If you feel like your face has fallen and can’t get up…don’t fret!  Lucky for you, we fix flats!  The BARistas at Skinjectables are wizards at restoring the natural contour and curvature of the mid face.  You see, when we lose volume in the cheek area because of the cruelty of Mother Nature and Father time, everything goes south!  That means we start to see deepening of the nasolabial folds, sagging of the jowls and a flat, two-dimensional appearance to the once luscious cheek apples.  By adding the right amount of Voluma® (the heavy lifter of all hyaluronic acid fillers) we can fix that land slide and give you back what was lost.  Whether you’re just a tad deflated or fully pooped out, we’ll have you exclaiming “Oh Gee, I have my Ogee again”   in no time!

Cheek Pop-(just a lil’) $750 includes 1 syringe Voluma

Make it a Single– (a lil’ more) $1500 includes 2 syringes Voluma

Make it a Double- (full restore) $3,000 includes 4 syringes Voluma