Bottom’s Up™- Sculptra Butt Lift

Bottom’s Up™- Sculptra Butt Lift


What is The Bottom’s Up™Sculptra Butt Lift?

You may have heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift that requires surgery, transferring fat, and carries with it extensive down time and risk.  The Skinjectable’s Butt Lift is an injectable version of the BBL in which we can achieve significant results using only injections with Sculptra®.  Forget the surgery, extensive downtime and not sitting on your fanny for 6 weeks…this treatment lasts up to 2-3 years and is a better alternative for sculpting and lifting the bum and smoothing out cellulite.

Sculptra® Aesthetic acts as a fertilizer for your own collagen and elastin and stimulates growth of your own brand new tissue, which fills in cellulite divots, and helps to firm, tighten, smooth and lift your bum. Results are seen gradually over time, beginning within a few weeks of your treatment, and continue for many months to come. The amount of product that you will need depends on what your goals are, and what foundation we are starting with!

How Much Does the Bottom’s Up™ Butt Lift Cost?

The Bottom’s Up™ Butt Lift starts at $6000, which includes 10 vials of the injectable collagen stimulator, Sculptra.  Sculptra injections are one of the best kept celebrity secrets for giving a lift and a little shape to the derriere.  It may take a few treatments to get the results you want, but most people begin to see a difference within weeks of your first treatment.

Does The Bottom’s Up™ Butt Lift Hurt?

Worried about pain? We have a numbing cream that we can apply 10-15 minutes before you are injected, which will get you nice and numb before your treatment.

Is There Any Downtime or Recovery After This Treatment?

Everyone is different- we have some clients who walk out of their injections appointments totally ready to go… and others who tend to bruise and swell. It really depends on your body’s own individual healing process and biochemistry!  Most people do swell… generally, the morning after your injections is when it will be at it’s worst. DON’T PANIC- this is normal along with some area tenderness that will last for up to a week or so.  We will instruct you to  massage the area at least 5 times per day for a minimum of 5 minutes for no less than 5 days following your injections.  This is to ensure that the Sculptra is dispersed evenly into the tissue.  You should stay hydrated, avoid Ibuprofen before and for 1 week after your appointment, and we recommend starting a course of Arnica Montana and Bromelain (a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling) before and continuing after your treatment.