Dry Please™-Botox® For Sweating

Botox® For Sweating In Tucson, Arizona

Are you a Sweaty Betty or Sweaty Freddy?  Do your pits spontaneously start the waterworks as if you have your very own, private, year-round monsoon season while the rest of us are in a drought?  Well then, does Skinjectables have the concoction for you!  Botox has the muscle to do what your antiperspirant wimped out on- stop your incessant sweating.  It turns out that everybody’s favorite wrinkle relaxer is also the magic bullet for armpits that have gone rogue…Fun Fact- Botox was approved in 2004 by the FDA for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (a fancy word for super sweaty pits).  Yay!  

What’s the scoop?

Well…..we let you chill the area with ice then use a TINY needle to inject 50 units of Botox into each pit.  Bada bing bada boom. You’ll hardly feel it at all unless you’re really sensitive (read: big baby).  It takes about 10-15 minutes and lasts 6 months or longer typically, then can be repeated as necessary. Touch-ups for break through sweating are possible and on an as-needed basis.  Avoid excessive exercise or deodorant on the day of treatment.  You possibly could see little red bumps or tiny pinpoint bruises for a day or two.  Men (or all you au naturel women),  you don’t have to shave your armpit hair to be treated!  Stop in and just say “I’ll take mine dry please!”

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