Selfie Sculpting to Look Your Best from Any Angle

Selfie Sculpting to Look Your Best from Any Angle

These days, everyone is snapping a quick selfie to post to social media. Want to look your best from any angle? Use fillers! These procedures are big on pay-off and low on pain & downtime. And at a bar like Skinjectables, you don’t even need to make an appointment. 

So if you’re looking for that perfectly filtered look (with no filter needed), give us a ring today and ask about these treatments. 

Make your Jawline Jaw-Dropping

The straight, tight jawline of youth helps create a beautiful three-quarter-angle selfie. If your jawline is in need of some tightening, try a few injections of Voluma. Voluma stimulates natural collagen production, and can lead to a tight jawline area. And since no one likes a double chin, a few injections of Kybella could be perfect for you. Kybella is used to melt away stubborn fat and make your double chin a concern of the past.  

Plump Lips for the Perfect Pucker

If you’re looking for a “Kylie” pout or just a bit of filler to enhance your lips, Skinjectables has a lip filler combo that’s perfect for you. A bit of Juvederm can be used to smooth out your lips and make them appear more symmetrical. We don’t recommend anything that looks unnatural on your face, but plumping up that pout is a surefire way to give your selfies a youthful look. 


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De-Emphasize Your Nose

Much like a good wine, the face should be well balanced.  A nose that is out of proportion, too prominent, or excessively crooked can disturb that balance. Our Liquid Rhinoplasty utilizes long-lasting fillers to slightly refine your nose for a more youthful and defined face. Just a few millimeters of filler can help straighten the nasal bridge, create a delicate and upturned nasal tip, or reduce a prominent dorsal hump.  

Skin perfection and an Even Skin Tone

If your skin is lackluster and you’re looking to restore the youthful glow of a perfect selfie filter, look no further than Microtox! Microtox is specifically designed to provide luminosity and to smooth skin, while softening the appearance of fine lines. And the best part? You’ll notice a reduction in pore size for a youthful, even skin tone.  

With Microtox, Skinjectables blends tiny doses of a neurotoxin (Microtox), hyaluronic acid dermal filler, vitamins and peptides. This magical brew is applied directly to your skin using a micro-channeling device.  You’ll look fresher, brighter and more rejuvenated, no filter needed. 

Chin up! We can make you Symmetrical

Most selfies are taken head-on, or with a slight tilt of the head, so an even and proportionate chin is a key feature in the selfie game. A bit of filler or Botox can be used to help shape the chin and give you a more smooth and balanced look. If you’re looking for a more prominent chin, Voluma can be used to help create the appearance of a more pointed or square chin. This will look different for everyone, so come into Skinjectables and have a chat with us about what look you’re trying to achieve. 

If you’d like to learn more about any of these treatments, or if you’d like to book an appointment, give us a ring at (520) 395-1245.